Incuspaze Website

A website showcasing the services, features as well as the option to schedule and book an office space.

  • Role: Research, Analysis, User Flow, Wireframes
  • Client: Incuspaze
  • Duration: June ’20 – July ‘20

Status, Role & Contribution

The project was to tear-down the existing live website, re-design it with some additional features.

My role and contribution were in understanding the requirements, research and wireframes.

The live website can be viewed here - Incuspaze


To incorporate new features and requirements in a way that it fits in with the existing design and pattern seamlessly.

Project Intro

Incuspaze is India’s leading office space provider. It has services in well over 30 cities and 58 locations and continues to expand.

A user can view everything about Incuspaze, browse through different office spaces and book/schedule a space as well through the website.


A strict-time bound agenda allowed us to choose the most important steps necessary to achieve our goal –



The requirement was to redesign the existing pages with a modern and more user-friendly approach, mainly focusing on space filtration and selection pages.

Other than that, the additional pages like Bespoke Model, Virtual space, etc. also were analysed and understood after back-and-forth calls with client.


Market & Competitor Analysis

Taking note from the established market competitors like, Innow8, Regus, WeWork, etc; we took out key design points that worked in all websites. Such a decision made sure that the user was completely familiar with the pattern and journey.

The office space filtration and booking journey was further simplified and re-imagined with this approach.


The approved final high-fidelity wireframes were as follows. As you may notice, the design language and guidelines are kept consistent with the existing design so as to have continuity and harmony.

User Interface (UI)

The live website can be viewed here - Incuspaze

Note: The UI design was done by another fellow designer. I assisted in some areas.


Special effort was taken to ensure the continuity and flow between existing and new design. This did end up restricting a lot of design approaches, but allowed the development to proceed smoothly.

Limitations & Special Focus


Within the span of 2 weeks, we were able to successfully re-design, develop and launch the upgraded version of website. The re-design included revamp of the existing pages and addition of new pages and features.

The client was satisfied with the outcome considering each of the members had at least 2 other projects going on in parallel.

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