A web Dashboard for teachers and students to manage their school tasks and activities.

  • Role: Research, Wireframes, Prototypes
  • Client: Protected by NDA
  • Duration: Aug ’20 – Sept ‘20

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Status, Role & Contribution

The project was to be made from scratch, all-the-way from ideation to development. The duration was 2 months and I was added to the project at a later-stage (with 3 weeks left) in order to ensure a timely delivery.

A good portion of initial research & IA were already done by the time I was onboarded. My contributions were mainly in research, wireframing & requirement analysis.


To design a portal for both students and teachers alike while making sure of the dependency and coherency between them.

Project Intro

SchoolApp is a school education management system which aims to streamline and ease the work for students and teachers alike.

There are two types of users:



Since the project was already underway by the time I was onboarded, my work was mainly in the following areas -


I. Layout

This was a tricky one. We have end-users who are from diverse background with different levels of knowledge and understanding. To create a portal which can be accessible and usable by everybody required a deeper level of understanding the user’s needs and patterns.

That is why, throughout the portal, all the elements and information are presented straight-forward in a layout that is widely tested and accepted.

II. Competitor Research

After the lockdown due to covid-19, quite a few similar projects have been initiated on top of the already established systems like byjus, etc. We considered all insightful and valuable feedbacks from the competition which helped us with a solid and tested foundation.


Development Limitation

III. Development Limitations

As an up-and-coming start-up, there were certain limitations to what can be developed in regards with the features and additional requirements.

Including the dev team from the early-stage itself ensured that no effort was wasted in iterations or out-of-the-box thinking.

IV. User Testing

The wireframes were iterated at least 3 time, with each iteration improving on the pain-points of the previous design.

For eg:

  • The marking of assessment tasks was embedded in the task section, rather than having it as separate in results section, which enabled the user to complete the marking much faster.
  • The cards in task, resource and quiz underwent multiple iterations to fit all use-case scenarios.
User Testing


Wireframes were executed rapidly with multiple iterations to give multiple options to client and align the project according to clients needs.

Note: The following data is blurred as per NDA compliance. Contact for more info.

User Interface (UI)

Note: The UI design was done by another fellow designer. I assisted in some areas.

UI Screens

Specific Challenges & Focus

Completing the project with limited time and resources made me realise the importance of each step, and which ones can be discarded. Throughout the journey, two areas stood out in terms of effort taken and the challenge faced -


a. Results

For all assessment tasks and tests, there were a number of ways for a teacher to grade them.

Picking out the most suitable and feasible methods after trial and error definitely was an interesting decision.

Quiz Result

b. Quiz

There was a separate section for results in both teacher & student dashboard. The teacher had option to create, modify, compare, view summary of all the classes and students. While a student can only view the result available at the time.

Making these two similar, yet different section, function together in terms of element placement and navigation was more interesting than I thought.


With 3 weeks left and the entire portal left to design and prototype, we were able to finish the project in time with a satisfactory outcome from the client. With multiple revisions and iterations, I also came to know the value and impact of feedbacks.

By handling multiple projects at a time, I became better at utilising my time for priority tasks as it came along.

Note: Sensitive info in this project is blurred/altered as per NDA compliance. Contact for more info.

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