Pet Adoption App

A 3-day task to research, analyse and create an application for customers to seamlessly adopt a suitable pet.

  • Role: Survey, Analyse, Market & Competitor Research, Wireframes, Styleguide, UI
  • Client: Personal Project
  • Duration: 3 days – Aug ’19
Pet Adoption

Status, Role & Contribution

The app was to be designed from scratch. A thorough study and analysis of the market, status of users was done in-order to arrive at a plausible output.

The complete article can be found over at Medium


To design an application in a marketplace of heavy confusion and lack of technology as well as spreading awareness about common misconceptions.


I. Research

To arrive at a solution, a thorough study of the market and system was necessary. The key points from research are as follows –


I. Understanding the problem

Each year, approximately 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized. Among those are majorly dog & cats.

II. Problem with existing apps & services

A quick research of existing services highlighted the core issues which were

  • Adoption process is not clear.
  • There was no automation or real-time data syncing.
  • The app UI and overall experience was sub-par.
  • There was no way to connect to other users online.
  • The app doesn’t deal with common misconceptions of shelter pets.


III. Adoption concerns

There are quite a few concerns people have regarding the state, health and overall quality of pets of those in shelter.

IV. Solution

The goal of the app is to -

  • Find the right match for the customer.
  • Spread awareness by including social media.
  • The user has access to visit & book an appointment with the shelter.
  • The app focuses on maintaining the interest and motivation of the user by including after-adoption services.

II. Design Stories

After sorting the findings from research phase, a few features stood out from complaints of similar apps.

Card Sorting

Navigation Flow

I decided to split the app to four tabs –

  • Homepage: The user can search, filter, view details of the pet available per stores.
  • My Pet: Shows a timeline view of important activities of your adopted pet.
  • Chat: Get in touch with a professional for quick queries and insights.
  • Profile: Displays a quick look at your account profile

Information Architecture

After sorting, prioritising the features and research findings, I created an information architecture.


III. Sketching

After doing some more research and brainstorming on UI and layout, I came up with a minimal, yet feature packed design. So, my next step was to put these ideas on paper with quick sketches.


IV. Wireframes

The next step was to make a Wireframe out of this design. I used Adobe XD for this.


V. Design Decisions

  • The whole structure of this app is based on stacks and hierarchy that they provide.
  • The stack-based design can be moulded to reshape and fit screen of any size and ratio, without the need to re-design from scratch.
  • The importance / flow of navigation is always from left-to-right, left being the foremost task & right the last one.
  • All design decisions were thought of and implemented with the developer in mind.
  • As you go through the final snaps, you’ll notice that the design is consistent, and minimal with colors from material color palette and 2 fonts used.

VI. User Interface (UI)

Phone UI
Tablet UI

VII. App Scaling

There are a few steps/features in my mind that could improve the over-all user experience and make it a complete app. A few of those are:

  • Multiple Users seamless integration.
  • Adoption Management app for Shelter-Workers.
  • Add custom pet activity.
  • Add group activity.


Designing an app from scratch after researching and brainstorming was an interesting experience. I am content with how I managed my time and resources. I was able to create an experience the way I’d like it to be.

The complete article can be found over at Medium

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